Competitive Edge

Geographical Advantages

Annual average temperature of Harbin is 3.5°C. Cooling through natural cold air can significantly reduce electricity and energy consumption.

The data centre hall is located at “China’s Cloud Valley” in the core area of Hanan Industry New City, specifically at 45°N and 125°-130°E, which is the “Golden Latitude” for establishing large-scale cloud computing centres in the world. In the same latitude locates well-renowned data centres of Microsoft, IBM, Google, and thus it is the class I construction area for data centres with national strategic support.

The data centre hall is located at Hanan Industry New City, which is the sub-centre and southern portal of Harbin. It is not only the gateway connecting Beijing, Tianjin, Dalian and other cities, but also the shortest land bridge hub connecting Northeast Asia, Europe and the Pacific Ocean area.

It takes 40 minutes to Harbin International Airport and 20 minutes to Harbin High-Speed Railway Station.